Undergraduate Programmes

Entry Requirements

The minimum requirements for entry into Scott Christian University undergraduate programme is KCSE mean grade C+ (Plus) with a minimum of C+ (Plus) in the required subjects OR any other equivalent qualification approved by the university senate.

Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) (Arts)

Our Bachelor of Arts in Education programme is tailor made to equip high school teachers with competence in teaching skills. The programme follows the demands and standards laid down by the Teacher Service Commission (TSC), and is regulated by the Commission of University Education (CUE). At SCU we endeavor to produce well-disciplined and godly, professional teachers, who will not only impart knowledge, but also provide mentorship for the high school students in our society. The subjects offered are Mathematics, English, Literature, Christian Religious Education, Kiswahili, History, Geography and Business Studies.

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE)

Early Childhood Development Bachelor programme is designed to equip ECDE teachers with skills, competence and attitudes needed to stimulate children in preparation for primary education. It is our core purpose to train and equip trainers because we believe that children at this stage need a firm foundation to develop their innate potential as individuals. The programme is designed to provide knowledge on how children grow, and help educators develop strategies to provide for these needs and serve effectively within communities as ECDE teachers.

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